Hydra-Q Moisturizing Cream

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Your skin will thank you for this!

A fresh moisturised look, keeps you hydrated all day long! Don’t just go with what we say, dermatologists suggest this too. Our most talked about product and listen to what our customers are saying.

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Delivered in 7-10 days

◦Non-comedogenic, doesn’t block pores
◦Improves texture and treats dry skin
◦Calms down irritated skin
◦Keeps skin hydrated; get a supple, radiant, uniform looking skin
◦Retains skin elasticity on daily usage
◦Nourishes the skin for a young, fresh look
◦Anti-ageing agent, prevents wrinkles
◦Quick absorption, non-oily/non-greasy
◦Long lasting effect, great for all skin types
◦Activates creation of new aquaporin’s, skin's hydration channels
◦Boosts collagen formation

Hydra IQ is a trademarked deep moisturisation technique that encourages formation of new aquaporins in your skin, which helps manage the skin's moisture balance. Laconic Hydra-Q Moisturising cream is oil-free, dye-free and fragrance free. It's a brand that dermatologists suggest, one-of-a-kind facial moisturiser that absorbs like a gel.

Skin, the largest organ of our body is a flexible and protective shield that maintains body moisture. Also, acts as a barrier against harmful environmental factors like UV sun rays, dust, germs, bacteria etc. Bad lifestyle, stress, chemicals and UV rays have a damaging effect on our skin. Skin is composed of 2 layers: epidermal outer layer (highly cellular, acts as a barrier) and inner dermal layer (ensures strength and elasticity, gives nutritional support to the epidermis). Moisturiser’s hydrate and helps with essential skin care.

Argan oil: It has anti-sebum effects which effectively regulates amount of sebum on the skin. This aids in treatment of a variety of acne types while promoting a smoother, calmer complexion.

Wheat germ oil: Aids in skin restoration, healing and scar lightening. Wheat germ oil helps reduce oxidative stress, minimises appearance of wrinkles, preserves beautiful and healthy skin tone, when used regularly.

Hyaluronic acid (1%): Appearance of fine lines and wrinkles is reduced and wound healing is accelerated. Also helps those with osteo-arthritis condition in relieving joint pain.

Almond oil: Almond oil improves complexion and skin tone in addition to treating dry skin. It’s very emollient, which aids in the balance of moisture absorption.

1. Apply moisturiser on clean, damp skin with both hands
2. To apply and smoothen into your skin, use short, firm strokes with your hands
3. To avoid skin irritation, apply moisturiser in the direction of the hair follicle
4. Don't rub too hard

* Best results on continued usage

1. What are the benefits of using a moisturiser?
▹A good moisturiser prevents and treats dry skin, as well as, protects sensitive skin and improve skin texture. Using moisturiser on a daily basis helps skin stay hydrated and healthy-looking.

2. When is the best time to moisturise your face?
▹After cleansing your face, you should moisturise it daily. To be used in the morning after cleansing and before going to bed at night. People frequently think moisturising their skin is an affair of the winters, although your skin needs
it all year through.

3. Is it necessary to moisturise oily skin?
▹Yes, even if you have oily skin, do moisturise it to improve skin texture and stay hydrated. An oil-free moisturiser will help you better. Avoid greasy and glossy creams.

4.Is it necessary to use a moisturiser after applying mask packs?
▹Peel-off mask packs have the potential to dry out the skin. To maximise the pack's efficacy, apply sufficient amount of moisturiser after peeling off the pack.

5. What's the best amount to be used?
▹The way people use products varies. So, to feel hydrated, apply as much product is needed.

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