Laconic Omega 369 Flax Seed Oil

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One of the oldest crops of civilisation, flax seed brings you essential health and wellness. This health promoting oil is not to be under-rated, it has far-reaching benefits, more than you can count.

COD option available
Delivered in 7-10 days

◦Improves cardio-vascular health
◦Helps in weight reduction
◦Supports mental health
◦Fights inflammation
◦Relieves constipation
◦Aids in treating cardiovascular illnesses, especially maintaining a healthy/active lifestyle
◦Beneficial for your bones and joints
◦Assists infant's brain development
◦Helps improve your immune system
◦Aids in reducing fat content in your liver
◦Proven to reduce inflammatory levels and ease nerve soreness

Omega fatty acids known as unsaturated healthy fats, aid in prevention of a range of medical diseases such as depression, cardiovascular disease, brain dysfunction, asthma, and arthritis. Omega fatty acids are divided into 3 categories: omega-3, omega-6 and omega-9.
Omega-3 is an essential fatty acid necessary for the brain function and may help avoid heart attacks.

Omega-6 helps in lowering bad cholesterol (LDL), raises good cholesterol (HDL) and reduces the risk of cancer. Also helps in managing blood pressure.

Omega -9 is a non-essential fatty acid created by the body when sufficient amounts of omega 6 and 9 fatty acids are present.

Heart disease is one of the common ailments now-a-days, as a result of our lifestyles and dietary habits. Large myocardial infractions, which can be caused by genetic pre-disposition or viral infection, can lead to heart failures. Obesity and diabetes are posing as major risk factors, increasing in both industrialised and developing countries, again contributing to the burden of vascular disease.

Use Laconic Omega369, assists in improving cardiovascular health.

Flax seed: Being one of the most powerful plant foods in the world, regular diet with flax seeds help reduce risk of heart disease, cancer and diabetes. Also, helps in the normal development of brain, eyes and nerves.

Food Grade Gelatin: A naturally occurring protein which is made by partially hydrolysing collagen. Gelatin increases moisture & collagen density of the skin. It also increase hair density, provides pain relief for joints and strengthen the bones.

▹Keep cold and dry when not in use
▹Keep out of reach of children

◦Caution: If pregnant, nursing or attempting to conceive, or in case you have any medical condition, do reach out for medical guidance.

1. When is the best time to take Omega 369?
▹Can be taken any time of the day. Splitting your supplement into 2 smaller doses, in the morning and at night, helps with any acid reflux.

2. I have fatty liver problem. Does omega 369 help in treating this?
▹Omega 369 has anti-inflammatory properties. Taking this supplement daily, helps reduce inflammation and aids in curing fatty liver problem.

3. What role does omega 369 have in boosting the immune system?
▹Omega 369 aids in the improvement of your immune system by helping in the regeneration of healthy cells, which boosts the immune system.

4. What is the role of omega 369 in mental health?
▹Omega 369 promotes mental health by maintaining a good mental status, on regular consumption. Also, regulates the nervous system which helps in managing better brain health.

5. I am suffering from joint pain. Is omega369 helpful for me?
▹Omega 369 has a great effect on bone health. In case of joint pain, take omega 369 supplements daily to improve your bone health.

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