Face Massager

Rs. 959.00 Rs. 1,199.00

Specially crafted with care to relive facial stress, reduce facial fat/puffiness and tighten the skin. Works well on fine lines, wrinkles and lightens dark circles formation. Gets the circulation running and boosts you with a feel-good factor.


COD option available
Delivered in 7-10 days

◦Lightweight face massager, simple to use
◦Cream application post massage better penetrates, nourishes and hydrates the skin
◦Cleanses and invigorates for a flawless complexion
◦Deep cleansing, scouring, exfoliating and removes blackheads
◦Strengthen overall skin appearance, gives a vibrant look
◦Removes hard cells from the surface
◦Crude polishing tool for shredding tough skin
◦Sinus massage helps mucus drainage, headache relief and blood circulation
◦Latex sponge for washing your skin, make-up remover sponge for eyes and cheeks, crude polish to eliminate difficult build-up and a rolling massager to promote circulation
◦Oily, dry and combination skin: Make-up sponge for massaging and cleaning
◦Sensitive skin: Soft latex sponge for rubbing eyes and cheeks
◦Combine your favourite serums, moisturisers, scrubs to boost effectiveness of your existing skincare regimen
◦Skin feels soft and elastic after application, deep pore cleansing leaves it glowing

Face massage is nothing less than a treatment which you can perform on your own or with the assistance of a professional. This technique stimulates pressure points on the face, neck and shoulder areas. Use a face massager to apply consistent pressure and direction to your skin. We have 2 options in our online collections, a pink and a green. The pink one is made of shubhanjali rose quartz natural stone which promotes circulation, evens skin tone, reduces puffiness, fine lines and wrinkles. Green massager is made of jade crystal, widely known as the stone of perpetual youth, that brightens skin, stimulates lymphatic drainage and improves blood circulation.

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