Cuticlear Acne Face Wash

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Gentle goodness for a fresh morning start or after a tiring day at work, deeply cleanses and moisturises you and then a pat on the skin leaving it supple and soothing. Sometimes a gush of freshness is all you need and that where Cuticlear Acne facewash comes in!

COD option available
Delivered in 7-10 days

◦Get rid of greasiness, dirt and pollutants
◦Reduces acne, long-lasting effect
◦Removal of blackheads, pigmentation, dullness
◦Aids anti-aging, exfoliates pores
◦Exfoliation improves blood circulation, encourages skin regeneration/revitalization.
◦Moisturises skin giving smooth sensation
◦Greasy make-up simply eliminated
◦Mild solution for everyday use for a youthful, healthy look
◦Appropriate for all skin types
◦Skin tightens, gets firm and brightens

Pollution causes a variety of skin issues, including pimples, blemishes and dark patches. Air pollution accelerates aging of the skin and a reason for a wide range of diseases. While this affects various organs, skin is the most sensitive one. Eczema can be caused by dust mist coming in contact with the skin.

With medicated Ingredients in a gel cleanser, acne can be treated successfully. Exfoliate softly to remove blackheads, whiteheads and pimples so as to reduce pore size and oil content.

TEA TREE OIL (1%): Anti-microbial properties. Kills the acne-causing bacteria, lightens scars, anti-Inflammatory, antiseptic.

ALOE VERA (1%): Healing and rejuvenating, moisturizes the skin, stimulates collagen and produces anti-bacterial properties.

SALICYLIC ACID (2%): Treat acne & control Oil. Minimise pores and acne scar control breakouts. Reduce blackheads whiteheads.

◦Apply a small amount of cleanser on your fingertips after washing your face
◦Rinse with lukewarm water after gently massaging into your face

* Best results on continued usage

✭What is the difference between Acne & Pimples?
◦Acne and pimples are the same thing. Acne is known as a pimple in layman's terms and if diagnosed, can be a long-term recurrent problem whereas pimple is a single zit or outbreak.

✭What kind of foods cause Acne?
◦Sugary, processed meals with a high glycaemic load may trigger a chain reaction that leads to acne breakouts. When you consume these meals, your blood sugar levels/insulin levels rise which results in blocked pores and acne.

✭How to avoid wrinkles?
◦Wrinkles are a normal part of aging process, but they may be delayed or minimised by minimising sun exposure. Using sunscreen every day and utilising skin care products with antioxidants and retinoids help decrease fine lines and wrinkles.

✭How can I stop blisters on my skin?
◦To avoid breakouts, keep your skin clean. Get rid of all pollutants, dead skin, and excess oil that forms on the skin’s surface. To get rid of breakouts, use over-the-counter treatments. Also, anti-acne treatments dry out your skin, so apply a nutritious moisturiser. Use make-up sparingly and keep hair and hands away from your face to avoid clogging pores, spreading germs and irritating the skin.

✭What is the most effective approach to deal with sensitive skin?
◦Being gentle with sensitive skin is the best approach to cope with it. Avoid using strong cleansers or items that contain irritating ingredients. Choose products suitable for your skin type, specially developed for sensitive skin.

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