3D Manual Full Body Shape Massager

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Ergonomically designed massager improves blood circulation, adds shape and sharpness to your features. Some age-old practices are pearls of wisdom and a great addition to your beauty routine.

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Delivered in 7-10 days

◦Skin tightening for a youthful appearance
◦No need to charge/no batteries. Solar panel added in.
◦Anti-Ageing & Face Lifting
◦Massage any region of the body
◦Assists in body shaping
◦Improved blood circulation
◦Reduces excess weight
◦Smooth and firm skin formation
◦Eliminates Edema
◦Calms the skin, also relieving tension

Laconic’s ergonomically designed 3D Massager is built for the entire body and a unique kneading technology with 360-degree rotational design. As the balls rub the skin and move the triangle embossed texture claims to promote blood circulation. The item has a good grip, and on the handle is a little black patch the size of a fingertip. As per the manufacturer, this collects solar energy and transfers to the human body.

Face, arm, leg, waist, and other regions should be tightened. This therapy may help those with a fat face, flabby cheeks, edoema, muscle drooping, dull skin, butterfly arms and thick legs. The solar panel gathers sunlight, generates micro-current and your body's electromagnetic field is reset allowing cells to resume regular activity. It has been shown to help relieve pain, inflammation and muscle spasms.

1. Face: Roll from top to bottom along the face outline to firm the skin around the mouth, cheek and face.
2. Arms: Scroll through the armpit from bottom of the middle of the chest and push, to increase bust and shaping.
3. Waist: Scroll up and down on the sides of the waist to the middle.
4. Legs: Scroll inner thighs for confidence to carry yourself in shorts.

* Best results on continued usage

1. Is it safe to use a 3D Massager on your face?
▹Through effective massage, a rhombic structure made up of numerous triangles may draw facial muscles, enhance face form, promote facial relaxation and minimise facial cellulite. Not only does this tighten the skin, but also increases the absorption of cosmetics on the skin. Daily massage reduces fine wrinkles and dark circles.

2. Is it safe to use a vibrating massager on your face?
▹These instruments have the potential to smooth your skin for an anti-aging impact, which is a great benefit. There is certain evidence showing vibration may promote collagen synthesis to strengthen the skin, resulting in a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles.

3. What exactly is a 3D Massager?
▹3D massage technology is a new form of roller that allows roller heads to protrude from the track an extra 8-10cm (depending on the manufacturer) in order to deliver treatment to areas that are often overlooked by traditional massage chairs, such as the upper neck and upper shoulder area.

4. Is it necessary to clean my 3D MASSAGER?
▹It's essential to wash your jade roller after each usage to eliminate extra oils or serums that have built up on the stone post usage. You may also soak the roller for a few minutes in a basin of warm water with soap to give it a thorough cleansing and then wash away any stubborn product build-up/debris.

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