1. How much of SPF range does it cover?

SPF is sun protection factor. We are exposed to 2 types of potentially dangerous rays under the Sun: UVA and UVB. Our products cover SPF50 PA+++ which provides high protection against UV rays.

2. My skin is dry. Does this moisturise my skin too?

Yes, as it has coconut oil, stearic acid, vitamin E etc. which helps maintain the moisture of your skin, as well as the tone of your skin.

3. Is this product suitable for oily skin?

As this is a Mattifying sunscreen cream, yes, it’s suitable for oily skin too. Give matt finish on your skin without leaving any white cast/residue. It will also maintain the oil balance of your skin.

4. Can I use this cream as a primer in my makeup?

Due to its Mattifying property, can be used as primer for your makeup. Skin absorbs this sunscreen very quickly and helps in lightening skin texture.

5. How this cream works on our skin?

Our mattifying sunscreen has high protection against UVA and UVB rays. On application, the sunscreen works as a protecting shield in between your skin and UV rays.