1. When is the best time to take Omega 369?
Can be taken any time of the day. Splitting your supplement into 2 smaller doses, in the morning and at night, helps with any acid reflux.
2. I have fatty liver problem. Does omega 369 help in treating this?
Omega 369 has anti-inflammatory properties. Taking this supplement daily, helps
reduce inflammation and aids in curing fatty liver problem.
3. What role does omega 369 have in boosting the immune system?
Omega 369 aids in the improvement of your immune system by helping in the
regeneration of healthy cells, which boosts the immune system.
4. What is the role of omega 369 in mental health?
Omega 369 promotes mental health by maintaining a good mental status, on regular consumption. Also, regulates the nervous system which helps in managing better brain health.
5. I am suffering from joint pain. Is omega369 helpful for me?
Omega 369 has a great effect on bone health. In case of joint pain, take omega 369 supplements daily to improve your bone health.