1. Is Mahabhringraj oil effective in promoting hair growth?
Strengthens hair and encourages hair development. Also, helps with headaches,
earaches, ear/nose/eye problems. Alopecia and premature baldness can also be
treated with it. Can be used to treat grey hair and split ends too.
2. Is it safe to apply Bhringraj oil on a daily basis?
2-3 times a week, apply Bhringraj oil to the scalp. Use at least 4-6 months for best
results. Bhringraj prevents premature greying.
3. Is Bhringraj capable of preventing hair loss?
Bhringraj oil encourages hair follicle growth. Also known for its calming properties,
therefore helps with eliminating stress and stress-related hair loss.
4. Can I mix Bhringraj oil with coconut oil?
To make an oil mix, combine the oils. Heat the bhringraj-coconut oil mixture for 30
seconds, or until slightly heated. Leave the oil on for another 30 minutes, after
massaging around 15 minutes. Allow the hair to air dry after washing.
5. Does Bhringraj help hair re-growth?
Bhringraj oil is considered to have magical results as it stimulates blood circulation and revitalises hair follicles, allowing faster hair growth. When applied to the scalp, the oil produces apparent results within a week or two of the treatment.