1. What are the benefits of using a moisturizer?
A good moisturizer prevents and treats dry skin, as well as, protects sensitive skin and improve skin texture. Using moisturizer on a daily basis helps skin stay hydrated and healthy-looking.
2. When is the best time to moisturize your face?
After cleansing your face, you should moisturize it daily. To be used in the morning after cleansing and before going to bed at night. People frequently think moisturizing their skin is an affair of the winters, although your skin needs it all year through.
3. Is it necessary to moisturize oily skin?
Yes, even if you have oily skin, do moisturize it to improve skin texture and stay
hydrated. An oil-free moisturizer will help you better. Avoid greasy and glossy
4. Is it necessary to use a moisturizer after applying mask packs?
Peel-off mask packs have the potential to dry out the skin. To maximise the pack's efficacy, apply sufficient amount of moisturizer after peeling off the pack.
5. What's the best amount to be used?
The way people use products varies. So, to feel hydrated, apply as much product is needed.