1. What is the function of retinol?
    Due to the creation of new blood vessels, retinol is the only treatment that stimulates collagen and plumps the skin. Has many skin benefits, reduces pigmentation and makes your skin glow and sparkle with health.
  2. What is the recommended retinol percentage?
    The percentage of retinol serum depends on the skin condition. For normal skin, when you first start off, recommended 0.25 percent and gradually increase to 0.5 and finally 1.0 percent.
  3. When your skin adjusts to retinol, how long does it take?
    If your skin is healthier, then it adjusts with your skin within a week. For unhealthy skin, Retinol Serum takes 2 to 6 weeks to adjust with the skin.
  4. When applying retinol, can you mix it with lotion?
    Mixing in moisturiser isn't wrong. It will not affect the working of the moisturizer. But we recommend using it separately.
  5. Is retinol good for acne?
Yes, retinol is a very effective acne treatment. It soothes the skin, makes skin healthier and slowly gets to the skin you had prior acne conditions.