Hydra-Q Moisturizing Cream Benefits:
Skin, the largest organ of our body is a flexible and protective shield that maintains body
moisture. Also, acts as a barrier against harmful environmental factors like UV sun rays,
dust, germs, bacteria etc. Bad lifestyle, stress, chemicals and UV rays have a damaging effect
on our skin. Skin is composed of 2 layers: epidermal outer layer (highly cellular, acts as a
barrier) and inner dermal layer (ensures strength and elasticity, gives nutritional support to
the epidermis). Moisturizer hydrate and helps with essential skin care. 
 Improves texture and treats dry skin
 Retains moisture, helps your skin glow
 Moisturise daily to retain skin elasticity
 Nourishes the skin for a young and fresh look
 Anti-ageing agent, prevents wrinkles
 Quick absorption, non-oily/non-greasy
 Long lasting effect, great for all skin types
 Keeps skin hydrated, improves appearance
 Way to supple, radiant and uniform looking skin

Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant that helps your skin produce collagen. Also fights fine
wrinkles, brightens your skin and has a slew of additional advantages.
Vitamin C is particularly good in blocking UV radiation. Safeguards females of all ages and
skin types and gives a natural glow. It is a water-soluble vitamin necessary for human
Our high-potency, anti-aging Vitamin C serum is specifically intended to heal and repair your
skin; brighten, smoothen and moisturise while mending skin marks caused by sun exposure,
pollution and age. It’s a water and oil-based product that contains high concentration of
vitamin C. Ascorbic acid is another name for it. It also balances uneven skin tone by

preventing excess melanin formation. Precisely developed to maximise penetration and
dispersion of their therapeutic effects by using a very tiny molecular structure. It includes
many ingredients like DM water, vitamin C, glycerine, sodium gluconate and lemon extract.
 Hydrates and brightens skin complexion
 Repairs wrinkles and fine lines
 Inhibits melanin production, lightens hyper-pigmentation
 Heals blemishes
 Boosts skin's collagen production
 Enhances skin elasticity
 Gives smooth and supple skin
 Minimises dark spots
 Comforts skin against irritation
 Good moisture retention
 Nourishes skin by delivering natural actives to it
 Penetrates deep, delivers Vitamin C into the skin
 Free from harmful chemicals & toxins 
 Useful for all skin types
 Suitable for sensitive skin as it contains anti-inflammatory components