Hydra-Q Moisturizing Cream Benefits
Hydra IQ is a trademarked deep moisturisation technique that encourages formation of new
aquaporins in your skin, which helps manage the skin's moisture balance. Laconic Hydra-Q
Moisturizing cream is oil-free, dye-free and fragrance free. It's a brand that dermatologists
suggest, one-of-a-kind facial moisturizer that absorbs like a gel.
Skin, the largest organ of our body is a flexible and protective shield that maintains body
moisture. Also, acts as a barrier against harmful environmental factors like UV sun rays,
dust, germs, bacteria etc. Bad lifestyle, stress, chemicals and UV rays have a damaging effect
on our skin. Skin is composed of 2 layers: epidermal outer layer (highly cellular, acts as a
barrier) and inner dermal layer (ensures strength and elasticity, gives nutritional support to
the epidermis). Moisturizer’s hydrate and helps with essential skin care. 
 Non-comedogenic, doesn’t block pores
 Improves texture and treats dry skin
 Calms down irritated skin
 Keeps skin hydrated; get a supple, radiant, uniform looking skin

 Retains skin elasticity on daily usage
 Nourishes the skin for a young, fresh look
 Anti-ageing agent, prevents wrinkles
 Quick absorption, non-oily/non-greasy
 Long lasting effect, great for all skin types
 Activates creation of new aquaporin’s, skin's hydration channels
 Boosts collagen formation
Retinol Serum Benefits:
Vitamin A, one of the first vitamins approved by FDA as an anti-wrinkle medication that
improves surface appearance of the skin and has anti-ageing properties. The most potent
anti-aging substances are vitamin A and its derivatives, particularly retinol.
Retinoid has anti-wrinkle qualities, boosts keratinocyte proliferation, strengthens the
epidermis' protective function, limits trans-epidermal water loss and prevents collagen from
deterioration. It neutralises free radicals and promotes the synthesis of elastin and collagen.
Retinol is used to treat acne, minimise effects of ageing and sun damage. It contains vital
vitamins that restore the skin and prevents moisture loss, also supporting the skin's collagen
structure. This improves appearance and slows down ageing process.
 Prevents wrinkles, smoothen out fine lines and wrinkles
 Prevents breakouts by controlling greasy skin
 Encourages creation of collagens
 Fights acne, clears out pimples
 Aids in the evenness of skin tone
 Improves skin elasticity and suppleness
 Minimises hyper-pigmentation
 Hydrates and repairs skin
 Pore size reduced
 Acne scars smoothened out
 Evens out complexion; increases radiance by clarifying skin tone, refines texture and
boosts radiance