Cosmetics have been around for over a hundred thousand years, what makes us different?

At Laconic, we realize looking for healthy skin, right hair care and magnificent products can be a mind-boggling indulgence. That is the reason we are cautiously screening and testing many items, ensuring they are beneficial for you and work extraordinary.



Ms. Sarb Saini

Know Our Story

The story behind Laconic is the young enthusiastic Sarbjot Kaur, Founder & CEO

During 2020, with kitchen bells ringing and preparing a favorite dish of mine, an incident of hot spinach landing on my face led to huge burn marks, both on the right & left side of my face and the neck area as well. After meeting several Indian doctors and specialists across the world, who are the best in skin care, I realised I was fortunate to have the access to expensive treatments and products that came along. Right after this, The Laconic was born to share and spread the idea of accessible skin care to everyone around.

Reviving beauty, catering to hyper pigmentation and making affordable beauty line of products is the crux of the business we do today.

Pursuing in-depth studies in Cosmetology and with valuable inputs from experienced dermatologists, Dr. Seema Sood and Dr. Gargi Shukla have made Laconic a bold reality.

Dr. Seema Sood

Dr. Seema Sood

Dr. Gargi Shukla