Best Face Massage Tools and Their Benefits

We get it. You expect more from your skincare regime. You want your serums to work their charm some more and your moisturizer to...well, moisturize some more, so you can enjoy the skin you so dearly desire. 

No skincare product works best on its own. To enjoy the best of them, you need to add in the complementary care of a face massager tool — and the number of choices you have...just spoiling. Look for a face massager online in India, and you can have your choice of rich, traditional tools like jade roller, gua sha, to modern 3d face massager. Embrace them, experience spa-like rejuvenation and get glowing.

What exactly is a face massager?

What exactly is a face massager

From ancient times, face massages have been the go-to for reaping skin benefits. Indian and Chinese royalty were indulging in them; now everyone is. Face massages stimulate the nerves running under your skin, improve blood circulation and treat problems like puffiness, dull skin, and so many more. Cause of our evolutionary leanings, face massagers were invented to make this ancient practice easy and more effective. With face massagers, you can enjoy...uhh mmhh, royal care at home. So don’t fret about your fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots and dull skin; indulge in some royal treatment.

Face Massage Tools and their Benefits

Jade Roller

Face massager (Green)

Jade rollers — made of jade crystal (stone of youth) is a popular face massager among the beauty queens of our generation. It comes highly recommended by dermatologists and has jade rollers fitted on both ends. The larger end is used on cheeks and forehead for face massages, while the smaller end is rolled on the hard-to-get spots. A jade roller works wonders by aiding lymphatic drainage to make skin toxin-free, improves blood circulation, and brightens your skin. Trust us. Your mirror will feel young again.

Gua Sha

Gua Sha

The turning of a rose quartz stone into Gua Sha promises lymphatic drainage, improved blood circulation and dreamy sculpting. Rub its smooth end against your skin to fade fine lines & wrinkles, treat puffiness and sparkle your skin tone naturally. Gua Sha is loved by influencers today for its unique contribution in enhancing the contour of your face, cheekbones and jawline. For best results, apply a serum or moisturizer on your skin before a face massage, and you’ll easily work through the tough dead skin.

3D Face Massage Roller

3D Face Massage Roller

These 3D Face Massage Rollers are ideal for achieving a seamless glow. The roller aids lymphatic drainage and skin relaxation with every face massage and tightens the skin to promote a more youthful appearance. And it really helps that it soothes sensitive skin. 

With correct use, you can even treat double chin with this 3D Face Massage Roller. Now, you can work your way around other body parts as well with Laconic’s 3D Face Massage Roller — for it’s ergonomically designed for the entire body.

FAQs about Face Massage Tools

Face Massage Tools

  1. Do face massage tools really work?

Ans. Face massages are an ancient proven technique to enhance skin youth — face massage tools make it a whole lot easy. Visible results may be slow but definite, so you’ll see a newfound skin glow & health with dedicated use.

  1. Is it safe to use a vibrating massager on your face?

Ans. These instruments have the potential to smooth your skin for an anti-aging impact, which is a big benefit. “There is little evidence to show that vibration may promote collagen synthesis to strengthen the skin, resulting in a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles.”

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